Mother’s Day Action 2010

Mother's Day Action 2010

Mothers deserve more than flowers for Mother's Day!

*”27 countries have lower maternal mortality rates than America, according to the World Health Organization. Many of these countries also have higher midwifery rates and lower caesarean rates. More than 40 countries also have lower infant mortality rates than America, a country that spends twice as much or more per capita on health care than any other industrialized nation.”
-Boston Globe Tina Cassidy | December 8, 2006

On this mother’s day we want more than flowers and cards, we want all mothers (including poor mothers, undocumented mothers and young mothers) to have the power and the access to choose their birthing option.

Maternal and Infant mortality rates are alarmingly high in the U.S.*, particularly within communities of color. Research shows that holistic pre-natal care (including nutrition and health education) from early pregnancy on, as well as continuous birth support contribute to healthier outcomes for both mothers and babies. These options, inherent to the midwifery model of care, are not available to poor women (uninsured or on Medicaid) in Texas. Below is a list of ten reasons why Medicaid in Texas should cover midwifery:

10. Helps to prevent unneccesay interventions (technology, drugs, and surgery)
9. Provides continuous support (Midwives stay with you throughout labor and delivery)
8. Healthier babies
7. Promotes bonding with mother and child
6. Promotes breastfeeding
5. Supports mother’s and baby’s physical and emotional well-being
4. Cheaper prenatal, delivery, and postnatal care
3. Continuous prenatal and postnatal care
2. Safer birth for mother and baby

With that said, on May 9th, 2010, Mamas of Color Rising, in conjunction with Young Women United in Albuquerque, NM will be participating in a Mother’s Day Action to raise awareness about the benefits of midwifery as an accessible birthing option.

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